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History of Selective Benefits Group

Selective Benefits Group (SBG) was founded by Andrew Bluestone, CFP focused in retirement planning for participants in 401(k), 403(b) and 457 deferred compensation programs.

From the onset of SBG’s business formation, the focus has been on the participants [*Xperience ™]. We have created a trademarked educational experience providing participants in retirement programs a simple financial model to help with investment allocations based on the risk tolerance of each employee. * link to brochure SBG in the 3(21)-fiduciary role provides plan sponsors, trustees and fiduciaries the bench marking tools necessary to follow the DOL guidelines. Our education process clearly delineates costs in each mutual fund provided on the plans platform. Full disclosure and transparency enable the participant to choose suitable investment choices.

Our strategic approach to the retirement industry utilizing compliant approved tools and techniques to benchmark, automate and distribute programs with up to date regulations pertaining to retirement plans.

Andrew S.

Managing Partner


Andy has many attributes and assets as a high level CEO in financial services. As President of Selective Benefits Group, he has built a company dedicated to corporate retirement plan consulting and 401(k) and 403(b) plan management servi
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Richard L.



Richard L. Brown is a seasoned executive with broad experiences in all aspects of corporate operations and financial management.  As a professional operator he brings the tenacity of running a multifaceted business to the required detail
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