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Giving Back

The National Kidney Foundation and The 2013 New York City Marathon

Through the generosity and support of many friends and family members, Andy raised over $12,000 for the National Kidney Foundation. Andy completed the marathon and reached his donation goal by using his feet and network of family and friends to make a dramatic impact. The donor programs supported by the National Kidney Foundation support critical research, education, patient support and more.

Preschool Advantage funds quality preschool education in Morris County and surrounding communities for children of families in need.

Since 1995, Preschool Advantage has recognized the long-term impact that quality early childhood education has on the character of our community. Studies have demonstrated that early childhood education profoundly affects a child’s life: intellectual development, self-confidence, even future earning potential. It helps our children grow up to be responsible and fulfilled adults.

The concept of Preschool Advantage is to launch a lifetime of learning for children in our communities whose families are devoted to their education and who want their children to have the best possible start, but who cannot afford the cost of a quality preschool. Preschool Advantage funds a half-day school year (September – June) program for 3 and 4 year olds at partner preschools.

Garden State Woman Education Foundation

The 7-year old Garden State Woman Education Foundation’s mission is to empower New Jersey women through education and relevant professional and personal connections.

The Foundation provides continuing annual mentoring and college financial aid to exceptional inner city young women attending 4-year New Jersey colleges and universities. In addition, the Foundation is developing the Successful Business Experience a one day program to encourage New Jersey high school girls in both inner cities and urban communities to pursue a business focused education and career.

The Foundation also organizes various educational and networking events for professional, corporate and business owning women on topics ranging from personal finances to women’s health to networking and relationship development.

Community Partners of The Harvard Business School Club of NY Celebrates 15 Years of Lasting Impact

The Community Partners program of the Harvard Business School Club of New York (HBSCny) connects Harvard Business School alumni with nonprofits in the Greater New York area that seek assistance with business and management issues.

Andrew S. Bluestone has been recognized by the HBSCny as a volunteer and leader.

"I am proud to have been a part of the Community Partners program for 2 years. The projects I have worked on offered an ideal opportunity to both share my talents and insights while helping local nonprofits succeed. The Program creates open access to expertise that might otherwise be unaffordable to nonprofits. I look forward to working with the YWCA of the City of New York and The Hearing Health Foundation in 2013-2014." - Andrew S. Bluestone, PPL 2011.

Community Partners organizes volunteer projects across four interest groups in the fields of Arts & Culture, Education, Environment & Health, and Social Services. In 2012-13 interest group committees completed 30 projects for 29 organizations and launched 12 additional projects which are currently underway.

2013 marks the Community Partners' 15th year of service to alumni and nonprofits in the Greater New York area. More alumni volunteered with this year than ever before, drawing 230 volunteers - a 17% increase from last year. Why? Community Partners provides ways for alumni to affect the direction of causes they care about.

A Billion + Change to Connect to the Future of Corporate Service

Can you imagine a future where 500 companies decide to collectively lead social change and tackle the most pressing challenges of the 21st century through skills-based volunteer service? Where thousands of communities tap into the skills and talents of businesses to address social needs? Where millions of employees grow professionally while championing causes they believe in? Or where companies pledge billions of dollars in corporate service to address the most complex challenges facing our country?

This is the vision of A Billion + Change, a national campaign to mobilize the power of pro bono and skills-based volunteer services in America’s business community by 2013. Andy Bluestone is proud to have taken the Billion + Change pledge to reach out to community schools, community activities and community centers involved with children's education to help children, specifically in urban areas of New Jersey, reach their personal and collective potential of success afforded to every citizen. Andy joined the campaign at a special forum, “A Billion + Change in Action: Connecting to the Future of Corporate Service” at the White House on June 27, 2012.

At the forum, leaders in industry, civic engagement and policy discussed the opportunities for businesses to scale efforts and partnerships to meet the challenges of the 21st century through skills-based volunteer service. Most importantly, the focus is to challenge ourselves to reach the phenomenal possibilities of collective action, working in partnership with nonprofit professionals to change communities for the better.

In less than a year, nearly 200 companies have joined A Billion + Change and have pledged an estimated $1.8 billion worth of skills-based services to build nonprofit capacity, keeping the campaign on track to inspire 500 companies to create or expand a skills-based volunteer program in their workplace by 2013.