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Bluestone's Story

While traveling with his family several years ago, Andrew Bluestone realized that in the early days of commercial airline travel, passenger comfort was not a chief concern. Bumping along at 450 miles an hour at 28,000 feet can be a bit unnerving for most passengers. It took decades for airlines to understand that passengers are more at ease when food is present. But Andy recognized that food is not served simply because passengers might be hungry - it plays an important psychological and physiological role. Food is a welcome distraction on a long flight, but it also calms a reluctant flyer. By drawing blood from stress areas - white knuckles gripping an armrest, for instance - to the stomach for digestion, a warm meal reduces tension in other parts of the body.

Andy combines this insight with his passion for and experience in addressing the challenges of retirement plan implementation, communication and administration. As an industry transformer, he has guided the evolution of Selective Benefits Group's newest program, theXperience.

As President of Selective Benefits Group, Andy has built a company dedicated to corporate retirement plan consulting and 401(k) plan management services for business owners, professionals, and individual plan participants. As a Certified Financial Planner he has nearly 30 year of experience in the insurance, investment and financial services industries.