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Alliance Partnerships

Selective Benefits Group is perfectly positioned to serve an important part of the CPA and advisory market.  Our consultative approach to evaluation and program execution can help put you and your firm where you want to be in the increasingly competitive financial services marketplace. Our multi-step formula includes:

1. Partner Profile

Our exclusive profiling system provides an invaluable assessment of your organization: your core competencies, the areas which need improvement, cross-selling/distribution opportunities and program fit.

2.  Alliance Partnership Proposal

The preliminary proposal provides an overview of our approach, methods to help your organization generate non-traditional revenue and provide holistic client strategies.

3.  Letter of Intent

This agreement establishes the relationship for continuing to work together towards partnership implementation.  Confidential information is mutually shared with the intent of appropriately aligning service platforms with your organization.  Roles and responsibilities are also clarified at this point.

4.  Cross-Sell /Distribution Identification

Understanding your client base is essential in identifying the cross-sell/cross-distribution opportunities.  We will help you segment your clients to identify potential revenue growth from affinity partners’ products and services.

5. Client Access Agreement             

This official legal document allows for implementation and alignment  including marketing and integration of top-shelf products and services.

6.  Brand/Revenue Producing Action Plan

The information gathered from the Partner Profile and Cross-Sell/Distribution Identification will enable us to establish a detailed action plan unique to your organization for enhancing brands, expanding markets and building client loyalty.

7.  180-Day Review

There are reviews and checkpoints throughout the partnership process; however, at 180-days a formal review will take place to discuss progress made, considerations for enhancing the professional partnership and ways we can improve results.

8.  Ongoing Practice Management

Our commitment to Alliance Partners involves strengthening the loyalty and profitability of all partner-client relationships through an array of ongoing practice management and professional development services.